Summer (at last)

Hi guys!

Thanks for your suggestions and help on my last posts (is there such thing as second chances) and the updated one.

Anyway I am so happy that it’s summer at last! I have been waiting for so long for summer but it’s so boring. I want to do fun stuff but I’m never allowed ughh ;(

But it’s okay because my bestfriend is coming round tommorow ūüôā 

I am dreading going bts although I am a bit excited, I don’t really know at the moment…

Can you guys suggests some Netflix shows that are really good and yeah but not pll or gossip girl because I’ve watched them or watching them. Also can you suggest some fun things to do with my friend ss in the summer. 

Bye for now, A xx


Update: Is there such thing as second chances?

Hi guys! Thanks to @donthopesurvive for the comments on my last blog! I have an update… here we go:

So at my school, we have two breaks, and just before the second break, we had tech, and Jess is in the same tech as someone in my group, Molly. So they do food tech and were taking ages to wash up so I just went with the others in my group and we waited for Molly on the tennis courts, where we normally sit. So she comes along later with Jess, and says: ‘ I think that we should¬†just sort¬†this out¬†now with¬†Jess.’ She had been wanting to do this for a while, and she wanted to tell her that they can be calm but not friends. I went with Molly to the toilet¬†because she wanted to go, and asked if they were friends. She said she didn’t know. So me and Molly came back and I spoke to Jess and she apologized about how she treated me. We break up on Friday so I said lets just have a fresh start next year. I don’t think I should of said that though because that is just forgetting everything that she has ever done to me… later, she walked home with me and was acting normal. She will probably sit with me and my friends tomorrow though, and I don’t know what to do…

Another thing is that whenever I even speak to her, people in my class are like, ‘oh so your best friends again,’ and it is really annoying me. I always say no and Jess says, ‘ why can’t we be?’ or ‘why not?’ and I’m getting so annoyed and frustrated.

What do you guys think I should do?

Bye for now, A xx


Is there such thing as second chances?

Hi everyone,

I really need your help. There is a girl in my class, lets just call her Jess, that I¬†have known for basically my whole life. We were best friends ever since the start but know I don’t know what to do. We have a friendship group and they are all my best friends, lets call them: Molly, Amy , Megan and Ellie. Jess¬†used to be in it, but not anymore. Let me explain why:

She has always relied on me to never leave her, but its quite hard when she treats you how¬†Jess treats me. She used to kick me all the time, up until ¬†Molly said that if she did it again, she couldn’t sit with us. She always calls me names, makes fun of me and treats me in an unkind way, like calling me a tramp, poor and telling my sister to jump inront of a car… Before, I was to scared to say anything, but now all of my friends have said that I should stick up for myself, I have…

She has¬†no friends¬†to sit with so she sits with her brother. This is¬†because she treats everyone badly and so everyone hates her. She keeps trying to sort it out so I just said, “Jess, we can be friends, but not like we used to be” , and she doesn’t understand why. That was¬†fine until somebody told me that they asked Jess¬†if me and her were friends, and Jess said, “Ew, no why would¬†I want to be friends with her.” I don’t know if its true and she said it wasn’t and now has her mum texting my mum to try and¬†make us all chat about it together which I really don’t want to do…

Any tips? I¬†can’t do this alone, I need advice…

On the positive side, my parents said we could re-do my whole doom! I am SO happy and excited!

Bye for now, A xx

Hello world!

Hi everyone, this is my new blog and I will be trying to post on here as much as possible. I will post about drama or arguments I’m having, ¬†things I need advice on and other things that I expirience. Please feel free to comment or follow me if you like. This blog is where I will try and escape my problems that I may be having at school or something so let’s keep this a friendly community!

Bye for now, A xx



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