Is there such thing as second chances?

Hi everyone,

I really need your help. There is a girl in my class, lets just call her Jess, that I have known for basically my whole life. We were best friends ever since the start but know I don’t know what to do. We have a friendship group and they are all my best friends, lets call them: Molly, Amy , Megan and Ellie. Jess used to be in it, but not anymore. Let me explain why:

She has always relied on me to never leave her, but its quite hard when she treats you how Jess treats me. She used to kick me all the time, up until  Molly said that if she did it again, she couldn’t sit with us. She always calls me names, makes fun of me and treats me in an unkind way, like calling me a tramp, poor and telling my sister to jump inront of a car… Before, I was to scared to say anything, but now all of my friends have said that I should stick up for myself, I have…

She has no friends to sit with so she sits with her brother. This is because she treats everyone badly and so everyone hates her. She keeps trying to sort it out so I just said, “Jess, we can be friends, but not like we used to be” , and she doesn’t understand why. That was fine until somebody told me that they asked Jess if me and her were friends, and Jess said, “Ew, no why would I want to be friends with her.” I don’t know if its true and she said it wasn’t and now has her mum texting my mum to try and make us all chat about it together which I really don’t want to do…

Any tips? I can’t do this alone, I need advice…

On the positive side, my parents said we could re-do my whole doom! I am SO happy and excited!

Bye for now, A xx


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  1. It sounds like you have given her many more than just two chances. Breaking off toxic relationships can be hard! It seems like you are doing the right thing. Personally, I wouldn’t do the “We can be friends, but not like before” thing – it still leaves her with a way to be close enough to hurt you. End it. (That’s just my opinion.)

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    1. I meant room, oops. And I have ended it but she just keeps trying to act like everything normal, and then is horrible to me still, other times. And k don’t really know if I want to be her friend at all, so I wont say that, because she will try and be best friends again. I do feel sorry for her though as she has no one else… thank you for your comment, it really helps knowing that people feel the same way. A xx

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  2. is my advice.Since I have been through this myself when I was young.This girl is not worth the hastle.She is a mean bully.Girls like this are either jealous of you or has a big crush on you.Now,if I were you I’d forget about her,don’t talk to her,ignore her.Works every time.You have other friends.If all girls be very carefull,they can be bitchy.Good luck.


      1. Ah!I thaught so.Raging hormones in girls.Once they get their period,it all goes south.Bitchy,thinking of boys.Wanting to be a real woman.Blah,blah.Yep..I’ve been through it . I’m 51,have a beautiful daughter.She never had problems with girl friends.Not like you.So just ignore her.She does not exist.Youll be better off.Trust me.And she will be alone.Surround yourself with strong real friends that you can really trust.But never tell any secrets.


      2. Thanks, I will, she’s always been a bit like this though, and I try not to talk about her or anything or say anything rude that she could turn against me if she tells the teacher or something because she probably would if it doesn’t go how she wants it too, or her mum would instead .


      3. Have you talked to your parents?Parents know best.Do you go to an all girl school.?because I did until I was 13.Then I was bullied,and I became a bully to retaliate. Tahat was not a good idea.I then became anorexic.And so left my school for a mixed cimprehensive.And loved every minute.
        So I don’t know.School will start soon.Just put your head in your work..and good friends.And you’ll be fine . Don’t dwell on the past…it is all experience in the end.x


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